Recycled plastic wood fencing is a versatile and functional product that is extremely conscious of the environment. Lightweight and easy to install, our timber alternative to traditional fence panels is durable and long-lasting, with minimal need for maintenance. Our strong and durable eco fence posts also have a chemically inert finish, which means that they are aesthetically pleasing maintenance-free and make graffiti a thing of the past.

We are proud to manufacture a product that remedies problems such as fences with graffiti and maintenance requirements, as well as those that need staining and painting. Just install our plastic wood fencing system, and enjoy a natural-looking garden feature for many years to come.


We don't just manufacture fencing panels, we can also create fence posts to your exact specifications. Whether you’re searching for picket fences, birdsmouth or knee rail fencing, please contact us directly for a free quote. Our strong and durable eco fencing panels are used by businesses, schools, councils, local authorities, housing associations and charities alike. They’re also much more reliable than traditional timber - a versatile, environmentally friendly solution perfect for a huge range of environments. Purchase yours today.


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Meets the high demands of use that fences face in urban areas.

Fencing sees a lot of use over time, but our durable material is able to easily face the challenges required of it. Our plastic fencing will last far longer than timber panels, making traditional fence materials obsolete.

No maintenance needed.

 Our plastic wood fencing is weatherproof, immune to graffiti and will not rot under any circumstances. The most maintenance it will ever need is an infrequent wipe-down.

Recyclable in a closed loop

 We’re always considering the future. Not only is our product made from recycled materials, but it can also be recycled when it is no longer required.

Safer for children - no chips.

Ideal for schools or other public areas, our plastic wood fencing will not splinter. There will be no tears from little ones and it eliminates another risk from your mind.