Our recycled plastic wood is an innovative solution blending practicality and environmental issues into one. The recycled plastic shed is an innovative environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional shed. We manufacture all of our products in our Leicestershire base. The material that it is made from is ideal for outdoors as it holds a range of advantages meaning that our products are incredibly durable, lasting far longer than typical timber.

Maintenance to this product will be minimal with the shed being able to withstand the worst of the weather, making for the perfect storage solution.

Our design philosophy 'fit and forget' so that you can enjoy the best of our products without worrying about replacing, repairing, or removing it. We offer a bespoke service to make the product exactly to your requirements, accommodating the most detailed orders. We work with a whole host of businesses such as local councils, local authorities, schools, property developers, housing associations, amongst many other private and public entities.


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Ideal for storage

The plastic wood shed is perfect for storing anything you need. Our specialist team designs them to your specification. This means they’re able to be of any size and shape possible, ensuring your requirements are met.

Very little maintenance

The plastic wood shed is not only designed to last, they’ll do so with little work. The plastic wood shed is also immune to the weather, moisture and will never need annual staining or treating. This means it’ll stay in top condition, year round.


Sheds in public areas are more secure than flimsy timber and have a full locking mechanism. This makes sure you have the peace of mind that your shed is safe.

Bespoke service

Here at Eco Plastic Wood, we offer a bespoke service. Everything is made to measure and we’re more than experienced in fulfilling very specific and specialist requests.