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5 Ways to Improve Your Recycling Habits

Make your own morning coffee

Instead of getting your morning espresso from Starbucks or Costa, make your own. Put it into a thermal flask or mug and know the planet is better off (and your wallet).  The lining or paper around these cups means that they can’t be recycled. Better yet, if you don’t buy them then it won’t be used in the first place! Most coffee chains accept your own mug if you choose to do so, often offering discounts on drinks if you do so. Starbucks for example offers 25p off of your drink.
person holding silver thermal coffee mug

Reduce use

The best way to recycle is to not need to in the first place! Reducing the amount we consume is a great way to reduce waste. Having a reusable bottle for example for water instead of buying plastic water bottles is a great way to reduce the waste to begin with.

If it is broke – do fix it

It often seems easier to replace faulty products instead of repairing them. This comes at great cost in terms of materials used. Fix these products where possible. Many have warranties or processes from the manufacturer that can repair the product. This is often true with electronics.

plastic waste

Fashion yourself appropriately

One of the most overlooked areas of recycling or reuse is related to clothing. Most people buy new clothes frequently – usually from fast-fashion, affordable retailers. Albeit reasonably priced, this process comes at a cost for the environment and often involves unethical practices. Large amounts of textiles are thrown away, the clothing or fabrics need to be transported long distances – causing energy and pollution wastage. There are often manufacturing processes which also come at a cost. Instead of looking at the latest H&M season, take a look at your local charity shop selection or on Ebay. This way you get a bargain for yourself and the environment!

Buy recycled

Recycled products are around more and more often. Some assume that recycled products are at a lower quality than typical products. The quality of recycled products has improved significantly in recent years. So has the cost and overall benefit of these products. Our plastic wood furniture and outdoor products are far greater than wood for example. No maintenance, far longer lifespans, immunity to bad weather conditions and being made completely bespoke are just some of the benefits. Recycled products are already the best choice, and are only getting better! We’ve seen first hand the positive impact on businesses in achieving their green targets and saving costs on maintenance or replacements.

We hope these 5 ways to improve your recycling habits have been helpful. Let us know your thoughts or any suggestions you have. Are you representing a business and are interested in our innovative plastic wood products? Contact us now online or call us on 01162849888.


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