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Recycled Plastic Composite Doors – The Doors of the future

Combining the qualities of both wood and plastic, a Plastic Wood Composite Door is the door of the future. The hybrid material brings a range of benefits when compared to your standard wooden door and uses recycled plastic to reinforce current properties.

Doors made of a singular material have negatives that can be solved with composite creations. Natural fully wooden doors can be expensive, warp over time and offer poor insulation. uPVC doors are inexpensive, can be cleaned easier and offer greater resistance to everyday wear.

By combining two materials, you reap the benefits that each singular material can offer. This does mean however they are more costly, but the lengthy list of benefits makes it worthwhile.

Thermal Efficiency

Standard natural wooden doors have a poor insulation capacity, letting the heat go. uPVC doors do improve this, so by combining the two materials creates a blend of stylish design and thermal efficiency.

Styles and Finishes

Because of the singular material being used, wooden doors come in limited grain variants and styles, with uPVC in standard flat finishes and colours. Combining the two materials allows for a beautifully textured wooden finish, with all the qualities a uPVC door can provide.


Having the plastic aspect within the door allows for easy cleaning to wipe down without damaging the door. Wooden doors can’t be cleaned as easy as plastic doors due to the grain and less resistance to chemicals and weathering.


Combining the two materials combines the strength properties, allowing for greater locking systems to be added to the door. The most common is high-security multipoint lock, allowing for that extra security.

Maintenance and Weather Resistance

Wooden doors need to be treated consistently to ensure the weather and the weather changes to not damage the doors. uPVC doors can be wiped down easily and cleaned.

A composite door created using recycled wood and plastic allows you to have all of the benefits that each material offers individually. Combining the two materials do see a price increase, but doubles the effectiveness of the door through its design, weather resistance, maintenance and thermal efficiency.

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