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Plastic Composite Decking

Why You Should Use Plastic Wood Over Real Wood

When it comes to our gardens, we want to make sure that everything in them looks great! We want striking features made from strong materials that are also good for the environment. This leads to the big question, what’s better to use, plastic wood or real wood? Plastic wood offers many benefits that real wood does not. Read on to discover these in more detail. 

Low Maintenance 

Save your time, money and energy with plastic wood! Real wood requires staining and treating roughly every 6-12 months depending on the product. In the long run, this can work out to be very costly and time-consuming. You can buy a plastic wood product and not ever have to worry about treating it, leaving you with more time and energy to do other things. The low-maintenance nature of plastic wood products makes them perfect choices for your garden. Garden plastic wood products range from benches and fencing to sheds, planters and more. 


Plastic wood is extremely durable, rot-resistant and will withstand the outdoor elements. Over time, real wood products will swell and shrink as they absorb moisture, which can ruin the appearance of certain garden furniture. As real wood is far more likely to be damaged by rot and wet weather conditions, why not use a material that will last a lifetime? Termites and other wood-eating insects can also damage real wood, which makes it much less durable than plastic. 

Environmentally Friendly 

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Real wood products are made from cutting down trees, which can lead to an increase in global warming and a loss of habitat for many animals. Plastic wood, however, is made up of recycled plastics, so no trees or wildlife will be affected by its production. Even better, once plastic wood products are no longer needed they can be recycled, whether that be 1 week later or 10 years down the line. Wood is also mostly heavier than plastic, which means that more fuel is used when transporting and delivering it, making its carbon footprint much higher. 


As well as being environmentally friendly, plastic wood products are also cost-effective! 

Real wood needs to be replaced multiple times over the years whereas plastic wood is built to last longer. When comparing the two, it would be beneficial to spend more money initially on plastic wood rather than purchasing real wood and then having to replace it multiple times.  

Here at Eco Plastic Wood, we are committed to recycling to conserve the world’s natural resources. Our products may look and feel like wood but are actually made from plastic, which has many benefits including little to no maintenance, greater durability and a longer lifespan. 

View our full range of environmentally friendly products today. 


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