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Using Composite wood in the garden

Using Composite Wood in your Home Garden Projects


The beauty of our plastic wood lumber is that, just like regular wood, it is a material that can be cut, drilled and adapted to suit your specific requirements. Whether you’re looking to create a focal seating area, build a shed or garden house or a brand new fence, composite wood lumber is the most versatile option for your garden!

Made from plastic waste, our plastic wood can be used without any of the concerns of the leaching toxins that you may have with pressure-treated lumber.

Take a look at the numerous ways you can use our long-lasting plastic wood in your home garden:

Composite Decking Areas

Often used as a more versatile and longer-lasting solution to regular patio decking, recycled plastic wood lumber is the perfect material to create a stunning decking area that will bring your garden to life.

One of the main benefits of plastic decking boards is the practical and environmental benefits compared to regular wood decking and patio materials. Despite often being more expensive initially than standard decking woods, composite wood lumber is a more resilient material, meaning it won’t need replacing as often or require as much maintenance and is, therefore, a long-term investment in your decking with its 50+ year lifespan. Perfect for a family garden!


Eco Sheds & Summerhouses

Are you looking for a long-lasting solution to house the lawnmower, lawn furniture and gardening tools? We think an eco shed just might make for the perfect storage solution.

Our sheds are an innovative, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional sheds and are extremely durable, meaning they are able to withstand the worst of the weather and keep your possessions safe.

The best part about our eco sheds is that, unlike metal sheds, they are completely waterproof, meaning they won’t rust or rot. They are also UV resistant, so the colour will stay looking fresh for longer and you won’t have to worry about staining them either!




Recycled plastic wood planters are unique in their ability to look great whilst also maintaining the same appearance as the day that they were made.

Creating planters from composite materials such as eco plastic is ideal, as it provides them with the ability to withstand various weather conditions while still nurturing the flowers, plants, and growth within. We can design and install raised garden beds and individual free-standing planter containers that are more resistant to rot, moisture, cracks, weather and graffiti compared to traditional planter materials.

Why not explore incorporating your planters into your decking? Built-in decking planters are the perfect way to add some colour to the area and some much-needed dimension to your garden.



Fencing & Gates

Switching up the fencing in your garden makes the world of difference to your outdoor aesthetic.

We are proud to manufacture a product that remedies problems such as fences with graffiti, maintenance requirements, staining and painting. Just install the plastic wood version, and leave it be! 



Looking for a resilient wood substitute for your next garden project? Get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements and the properties of our plastic wood solutions.


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