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5 of the Best Summer House Room Ideas During Winter

An eco-friendly summer house is a handy extra space to have so making a useful space out of it all year-round will make your home feel so much bigger. Although, sometimes it can be difficult to decide how to make use of all that extra space, so we’ve come up with some top ways to make the most of your extra room. In the summer maybe you use it as an outdoor living space, chill-out zone, then come the winter it’s locked up until seasons change.

Extra living room

Utilising a summer house as an extra living room is practical for all four turns of the year. In the summer, it can be used as a place to reflect on the day whilst watching the sunset from the comfort of your own garden. The beauty of a summer house is that there can be access to heating and electricity within making it the perfect additional room to your home. This means that even in treacherous snow, you can enjoy the extension to your home to unwind and chill out in.



Games room / TV room

Having the space to relax with a family game is important for any home to relax with each other and spend all important time bonding over a game of table tennis, monopoly, or multiplayer on the console. A summer house could be a great solution to having additional space in your home without the need to rearrange your current set-up.

Craft or hobby room

Not everyone has a spare bedroom or additional space in their house for a hobby or craft room. Craft and hobby rooms are an ideal space for any kind of practical hobby from sewing, crocheting, card marking, model train building, model villages, model building, painting, woodcraft, pottery and more. Make the most of cosy dark evenings getting crafty in your bespoke eco-friendly recycled plastic wood hideaway.

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Similarly, to our next idea, if you fancy the idea of making your own beer, then an onsite home brewery could also be housed in a recycled plastic wood summer house. Who knows, you could always sell some!


If you’re more of a social butterfly and want to make your space more inviting to friends, family, and guests, then why not create a bar or pub feel in your all-purpose summer house. There is a home-pub culture around in the UK, all starting with gardeners enjoying a tipple or two in their potting sheds. Why not take it to the next level with a bespoke recycled plastic summer house.


This might seem like the obvious choice to set up an outdoor office in an outbuilding. After all, most people work better away from the distractions of home life. An office doesn’t just need to be a chair, desk and cabinet with a PC. It can be a really personalised space with photos, desk accessories, photos, and funky stationery.

Even in the winter, there’s still the option to install an outdoor summer house to create the extension to your house that you’re after. We take orders all year long and create bespoke products to suit your requirements. Get in touch today to kickstart your project.


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