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The Benefits of Recycled Plastic Wood

Maybe you’re looking for new outdoor furniture to spruce up your home and garden and you’re wondering, what’s best for the environment? What’s long-lasting and low maintenance? We understand that these are important questions for some, so we’ve outlined some key benefits to using recycled plastic wood lumber!

Easily Maintainable

Plastic wood lumber requires very little maintenance as it has a strong resistance to harsh weather conditions, making it versatile and useful in many different environments. On top of this, it also does not require frequent sanding, varnishing, sealing or staining, it will maintain it’s clean finish far beyond any wood product.

Durability and Long Lasting

Plastic wood is just that – a mix of waste plastic and wood, meaning it has got the durability of both materials combined. It does not crack or splinter, meaning it does not have to be replaced or fixed after a few years. Due to this, it has lower long-term maintenance costs than wood, meaning that it saves in the long run – this makes it perfect for local councils, governments and other organisations looking for a long-lasting solution.


The beauty of our plastic wood lumber is that, just like regular wood, it is a material that is completely adaptable meaning it can be made to measure and completely bespoke! It can be cut into and drilled to suit your specific requirements.


plastic wood bench


Environmentally Friendly

Plastic can take up to 500 years to decompose, meaning it could be sat in our oceans and greenbelts causing damage to the environment and the surrounding wildlife. By using the plastic we find and recycle, we give it a purpose. Around 42,000 plastic bottles (or 1 tonne of plastic) can make 7.7 of our plastic wood benches! We’re reducing depletion of natural resources because our products can be made to resemble timber but they’re also far more durable and resilient. The manufacturing process generates no waste, and our products are even recyclable after their use, making it perfect for anybody looking to go green!

Landfill Clearance

Did you know that 25% of all landfill waste is plastic? By taking these plastics and turning them into something useful, we not only help the environment but help with the clearance of landfills across the country.


With the rise in people looking for greener products, furniture and resources, the demand for products like ours are high. This, in turn, helps the community by directly providing new business and work opportunities.

If you’re looking for a durable alternative to wood alongside an eco-friendly solution get in touch with our team to get a quote for our plastic wood lumber. 


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