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Our Easy and Practical Tips For Reducing Your Plastic Consumption and Waste

Our plastic consumption, and subsequent waste, is putting a huge strain on the planet and its ecosystems. Reassuringly, plastic waste is discussed and debated now more than ever. As a company we are committed to education and reduction regarding plastic waste. In the following article we are going to take you through a few quick and easy tips to help you reduce your waste. 


Reuse Your Shopping Bags 

Food shopping is something we all do once if not twice a week. If you purchase a new bag every time you visit the shop that can significantly contribute to plastic waste in the long run. We recommend investing in a good quality cloth or straw bag and reusing this as a grocery carrier. You may want to ensure that you leave one in your car; it can be difficult to remember to take a bag out with you every time.


Avoid Plastic Cutlery 

Ever had plastic cutlery delivered with your home takeaway? Pointless, isn’t it? Our use of plastic cutlery and straws is habitual and, more often than not, can be avoided. Most of the time these items are used once and then are off on their way to landfill. They are not easily recyclable and take a LONG time to decompose. We advise that you say no where possible. Perhaps request that your takeaway restaurant does not send them with your order. If you are feeling brave, and are looking to eat on the go, carry some reusable cutlery with you. It all makes a difference.


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Invest In A Good Water Bottle/ Reusable Coffee Cup

Carrying your own water bottle or coffee cup when you are on the go will stop you purchasing one from a vendor. If done everyday, this begins to add up. Investing in a nice cup will be a greater incentive to carry one around with you. No one wants to carry around a bog-standard plastic bottle afterall.


Did you know?

Believe it or not, chewing gum is made using plastic. Furthermore, our consumption of gum here in the UK is astronomically high. If you are a major gum chewer you could make a great contribution by cutting down on your use.


Use Your Friendly Neighbourhood Milkman 

People may consider milkmen to be a thing of the past. More and more, however, milk delivery services are making a comeback. Opting to have someone deliver milk to your home will significantly reduce your plastic waste as the bottles are collected, cleaned and recycled. Why not seek out these traditional services and do your bit.




Grab a Reusable Razor 

Getting yourself a razor with detachable heads will not only save you a lot of effort but will contribute massively to reducing your plastic waste.


We hope you both enjoyed and were able to take something away from our article outlining Easy and Practical Tips For Reducing Your Plastic Consumption and Waste. For similar reads you can visit our blog! Click here to find out about how Eco Plastic Wood puts the environment first  



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