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Easy Ways to Create an Eco Friendly Garden

Looking to make your garden a more eco conscious place? Well, creating an easily sustainable garden is simpler than you think! Whether your garden is small or big (or your level of gardening skill!), there’s something you can do to make your garden more inviting and environmentally friendly. Here are our tips to help you get started.


Use Recycled Materials for Furniture

Sustainable materials can be used for anything within your garden, from the planters and pots all the way to the decking and your garden shed! We have all kinds of furniture available which is made from recycled plastic wood, which can be 100% recycled after use! To check out the products that are available to you, head on over to our products page to see more. 


Plant Trees 

If you have the space, plant a tree! Studies show that wildlife much prefer gardens with trees, as compared to those without. That isn’t the only benefit to having trees in your garden, trees also help to reduce climate change, purify the air and are natural air conditioners, meaning they cool down the air around them! 


Swap out that Wooden Shed

The recycled plastic shed is an innovative environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional shed and swapping it out for a more sustainable material is a simple way to make a change. We have a range of sheds and summer houses available for you to choose from over on our products page! 


Conserve Water 

Water is such a valuable resource and can be gathered through natural means. Placing a tank or large bucket at the end of gutter water pipes will help you catch rainwater to use on your plants, which will save you using tap water.  


Go Chemical Free 

Swapping out chemicals in your garden for more natural or organic methods are a simple way to be better for the environment: 

  • Knock bugs off plants using jets of water
  • Using certain foods can help assist with any plant diseases 
  • Get your caterpillar problem under control by making a nesting box nearby to attract small birds 
  • Building a small pond will attract all sorts of wildlife which can benefit your garden 
  • Growing certain vegetables together will deter each others pests, such as carrots and leeks. 


Make Your Own Compost! 

Recycling is important and making your own compost is a simple but effective way to recycle. All sorts can go in your compost bin, such as: 

  • Leaves
  • Grass clippings
  • Non-Animal based food (e.g. fruits, vegetables, peelings etc) 
  • Caffeine based drink leftovers such as coffee grounds and tea leaves
  • Pet bedding such as hay, straw, sawdust etc. 
  • Eggshells and egg boxes  
  • Shredded newspaper, cardboard, paper towels 
  • Most vacuum cleaner content 

It’s always best to check before adding something to your compost pile, just in case it could do more harm than good! 

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