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Plastic-free Gift Ideas for All Year Round

With holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter and birthdays scattered all year round, you’ll need some gifts for your loved ones! But just how do you give gifts and be environmentally conscious at the same time? 

Giving gifts shouldn’t be an ethical chore, so we’re going to find and list some meaningful presents you can give.



The perfect Valentine’s gift  

Valentine’s is an important holiday for some and it can be a struggle to find the perfect gift for that special someone but believe it or not, there’s an abundance of gifts out there which are completely plastic free. Including chocolate! Hotel Chocolat and Divine Chocolate in particular have options for plastic free packaging which can be bought (and enjoyed) guilt free while cutting down on plastic and food waste. Of course, the list doesn’t end at just chocolate as you’ll see from this article but chocolate is a staple in Valentine’s Day gift giving.


Favourite houseplant 

Gifting your favourite house plant or theirs is a perfect way to say how much you care as houseplants are proven to provide health benefits to those around them. Improved mood, reduced fatigue, lowering anxieties and stresses are just some of the ways that houseplants benefit the environment and those around them. 


Passing down your favourite reads 

Books make fantastic gifts, especially for those bookworms in the family. Passing down your favourite books prove to be a thoughtful way to show you love someone, especially if the book means a lot to you. Additionally, a journal or a filled scrapbook of memories would also be a wonderful way to tell someone you care about them. 


Gift an experience 

If you’re still struggling with gift ideas, think about an experience day or an excursion! This can range from animal feeding days at zoos or national parks, a concert ticket or comedy show to movie tickets, spa days or escape rooms and sports car excursions. 

Another option to this is to use what talents you have to give them something really personal and sentimental, such as a song written for them, a drawing, graphic design or creative writing. Creating a journal of personalised characters bearing their resemblance would be a lovely way to show your appreciation. 


Take them out 

Sometimes, there’s no greater gift than yourself. Taking someone out on a spa day, out to dinner or to the zoo can really boost someone’s morale and makes for a great day out and can make incredible memories which for some people mean a lot more than gifts. Especially in the current times with the pandemic keeping people locked away, a day out or weekend away could prove just as effective as a bought gift. 


Gifting to a charity

If the person you’re buying for is big into gifting for charities and philanthropy, gifting to their favourite charity is a lovely way to go. Not only will this be appreciated by the recipient but a charity and those in need benefit too.  


Purchase products from ethically minded companies

Companies such as Lush Cosmetics and Elate Cosmetics offer almost completely plastic free options alternatives to other competitors. Elate has bamboo packaging on their mascaras, eyeshadows, eyeliners and other make-up products making for a great gift for those who want to be eco-conscious. Lush Cosmetics offer recyclable or naked packaging on their bath and make-up products and promote environmentally friendly policies. 



We hope you both enjoyed and were able to take something away from our article on gifting plastic free products. For similar reads you can visit our blog! Click here to find out about how Eco Plastic Wood puts the environment first.


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