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Plastic Wood Composite Fencing: Why it’s the right choice!

Fencing for your garden needs to be not only strong and durable but also look great. While wood fences are the tradition and the norm, composite fences are slowly becoming a household staple across the UK. Composite fences are fantastic editions to any environment but are they right for you? Take a look at the numerous ways it can benefit you and your garden!


Environmentally Friendly 

Wanting to make sure your thumbs aren’t the only thing that’s green? Plastic wood fencing is a versatile and functional product which considers the environment entirely. It is manufactured from natural plastic fibres such as recycled plastic or waste, meaning it is made from 100% recycled materials but also after it’s lifecycle it itself is recyclable, so you don’t have to worry! 



Fencing sees a lot of use over time, but our durable material is able to easily face the challenges required of it. It will last far longer than timber, in fact, plastic wood composites are known to last for decades and over five times stronger than wood – this gives you a peace of mind when it comes to security,as well as the initial investment. They are generally impervious to weathering effects, such as rot, fungus, termites etc. so much so that they’re often used in coastal areas, as the exposure to salt water and high winds doesn’t destroy them. 


Sleek Appearance 

Our plastic wood fences can be made to look like real wood while having all of the benefits of composite. We can make fencing in a selection of colours ranging from natural brown shades to greys as well as be made to have completely bespoke sizing and dimensions. 

As the fencing is so low maintenance, it doesn’t require staining or painting! 


Easily Maintainable 

Wood fences will require painting, filling, sealants and other treatments to keep it in the top condition it can be in order to protect it from rot and other conditions. As plastic composite is relatively scratch resistant, maintenance is incredibly low. In fact, the most you will really need to do with composite fencing will be a hose to clean them down with every now and then. As the surface of these fences are relatively smooth, dirt and debris will generally fall off easily with a quick hose and scrub. 



Composite fences do not splinter or crack, unlike it’s timber alternatives meaning less repairs over time will be needed. This is safer for little hands too as they won’t get any splinters from composite fencing, eliminating that risk in your home. One thing we are proud of, is to have a chemically inert finish on the products which means that graffiti is a thing of the past!

We are proud to manufacture a product which remedies problems such as fences with graffiti, maintenance requirements, staining and painting. Just install our plastic wood fencing and leave it looking great! Interested in getting your own composite fencing? Visit our composite fence page and get a quote



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