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Recycled Plastic Wood Bins

Recycled plastic wood has such a wide range of applications, but this month we’re going to focus specifically on their use in bins! Commercially, we have a responsibility to ensure that there are waste disposal facilities. There’s a variety of scenarios where recycled plastic bins can replace or provide a new waste disposal solution, and we’ve listed some applications below.

Benefits of Recycled Plastic Wood for bins 

  • The ease of cleaning and maintenance needed with any recycled plastic wood product makes it the ideal material for waste bins, in a public or private space.
  • The plastic wood composite offers the texture and looks of wood, with the strength and durability of plastic.
  • Our process to combine the two materials sees recycled plastic put back into a permanent use, not polluting our planet

Compost Bin

Greater durability and greater resistance to external elements, our recycled plastic wood composite would create the ideal compost bin. Being stronger, weather-resistant and requiring a lot less maintenance, you’ll be able to focus on collecting leaves, grass and food waste to create the perfect soil for your outdoor space. Available in a range of colours, you can stick to the typical wooden texture and colour for your compost bin, or opt for a more unique stand-out creation depending on the location!

Playground Waste Bin

Ideal for hectic playgrounds, in a public park, private establishment, or even in school grounds, a plastic wood bin would be an excellent replacement for current worn down, battered bins. If your school is undergoing changes over the summer, why not invest in low maintenance, durable, customisable waste bin. These are able to deal with the stress from the weather and can be cleaned very easily. Our plastic wood bins are ideal for permanent playground fixturing.

Public Area Waste Bin

Bins in parks, shopping centres, across beach fronts and more could all benefit from recycled plastic wood bins! Decision-makers in councils will be rest assured that with one of our plastic wood bins requiring very little maintenance whilst remaining strong, durable and environmentally friendly.

Commercial Waste Bins

To match your company building and style, our bespoke composite plastic wood bins can be made exactly to order, helping to build building your corporate identity.

Our Bespoke Plastic Wood Design  

Whatever your project, we believe a recycled plastic wood product will benefit, helping the environment along the way. Whether it’s the uniquely designed Bins, Sheds, Outhouse Doors, Bollards, Lumber, Fences or Furniture, our environmentally processes and materials can aid you with your project.

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