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Plastic lumber panels

Recycled Plastic Wood Lumber: What Is It?

Plastic wood lumber is made from recycled plastics such as low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene, polypropylene, styrene, and PVC. The process crunches the waste plastic into usable pieces of plastic which can be turned into something useful and eco-friendly. For example, a bench or litter bin.

These types of plastics are generally sourced from waste packaging including post-consumer and post-production waste such as car bumpers, gas pipes, wheelie bins, disposable nappies, drinking cups, amongst many hundred more.

As with almost every item, each element within these plastics have their own unique qualities. These qualities are identified and used in the production process to ensure that best practice is followed to achieve diversity in our products and provide a bespoke service. In addition, different manufacturing processes are utilised so that the lasting product performs as required using various stock plastic lumber wood profiles, sheets.

Our products are made to replicate traditional timber products such as planks, fences, decking, boardwalks, and gates as well as other methods which can be adapted to suit. This is so that they resemble the finish and desirability of timber products, with have a range of extra added benefits. Not only do we reduce the use of natural resources such as timber and wood, we design good-looking products on the basis that they will last for a lifetime with minimal maintenance required as a result.

How eco friendly are our plastic wood lumber products?

Our plastic wood lumber products are fully water-resistant which means that they will not rot or suffer with wood imperfections. What’s more, our plastic lumber does not require special equipment to fit, they can be treated as though they are usual timber products using the fixtures and fittings as required to install.
We are proud to provide this recycled product to the construction industry in the form of our unique recycled plastic lumber material.

We manufacture our products so that no waste is generated allowing for the products to be recycled even after their use. We follow a process of continuous improvement to review our machinery and tooling to ensure that we are being as sustainable as we can in our methods. Recycled plastic lumber has a combination of practical and environmental benefits as we can turn plastic waste into attractive and eco-friendly products.

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