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Summer Ready Playground – Schools Out For Summer

Using recycled plastic wood outdoor furniture is the perfect alternative for primary education when you’re looking for durable, easy maintenance playground furniture for schools! Get prepared for summer with our range of outdoor furniture.

Why use recycled plastic wood?

Recycled plastic wood is the ideal material for outdoor uses, adopting qualities from both wood and plastic. The durability and strength, combined with the look, texture and reusability of wood creates the ideal hybrid product. The RPC (Recycled Plastic Composite) is crack and splinter proof, making it ideal with use around smaller children, and requires much less maintenance.

Why is it perfect for playgrounds?

The increased durability of the products means it can withstand the intensity of the playground! Less maintenance is required to keep the furniture looking in mint condition, meaning it’s able to withstand the crayons and food spillages. The varieties of colours you can select make the furniture ideal for playgrounds.

Colour availability

Playgrounds are meant to be colourful places and this shouldn’t stop with the outdoor furniture! By using recycled plastic wood, you’re able to create uniquely coloured pieces to match the child’s imagination and match the playgrounds needs. Whether it is wooden benches or planters for the edges, you can create the ideal environment.

Bespoke Creations

We provide a fully bespoke service to create unique pieces for your playground. With our bespoke service, you can create furniture with the qualities above, with your school’s theme or branding throughout! Get in touch with us today to discuss your specific needs!


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