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plastic waste

Top 3 Benefits of Using Plastic Wood Products

No matter what your specifications are, or what your project involves, there’s a plastic wood product for you. We know, because we tailor them! As a bespoke provider of top quality products, we can assist you in whatever project you or your business is involved with.

Now, you might be summing up the pros and cons of traditional materials against a more contemporary plastic wood finish but, there really are no cons with plastic wood!

Environmentally Friendly

The material we use is non-biodegradable waste mixed plastics and is manufactured using specialist machinery and a skilled hand-finish. So, not only do you get a quality finished product, your empty plastic bottles are helping to create the next picnic bench!


All Eco Plastic Wood products are incredibly durable in that they’re weatherproof needing pretty much no maintenance at all. Unlike wood products, you won’t need to stain, paint, and maintain them every year, just install and go!


Have you looked on our website and can’t see what you’re looking for? No problem. Just give us a call and we can discuss the project in mind down to the exact detail, and get talking figures with you. We really value our customers, so going the extra mile to make you happy only comes as part of the service.


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