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rotting shed

Wooden Sheds Rot, Plastic Sheds Live On | Plastic Wood Takes Over | Eco Plastic Wood

Garden sheds have been around for years, they are commonly used to store garden tools from your lawn mowers to your watering cans and shovels. Traditionally most classical sheds are made out of softwoods, usually pine or spruce and are hand built to a high standard. In a lot of cases, many sheds can be built to your liking and personal preference, right from the size to the width, style, and design. Although, many people find wooden sheds appealing, as their colour and authentic wooden design, contrasts well with the outdoors. They have been raised questions over their durability.

Over the years, gardeners have discovered that these sheds require regular maintenance, and although they look appealing when first purchased, over time the wood slowly starts to feel the effects of the ever-changing weather conditions. Without your willingness to maintain the condition of your shed, whether you’re sealing gaps, replacing any worn, cracked or tatty-looking roof felt. Your shed will begin to rot, and eventually collapse. Maintaining a wooden shed does require a lot of TLC, especially after the winter periods. Keeping the rain out the shed is your main priority as rain running down the walls is the major reason why sheds begin to rot.

The Alternatives

In today’s outdoor shed market, many gardeners have chosen alternative shed options that require a little less maintenance and hassle. The main two alternative options available to buyers are metal and plastic sheds. There are pros and cons to both choices; however, the decision ultimately lies with you, depending on your garden and intentions for the shed. In terms of metal sheds, you could argue that they are the most durable choice, however in terms of appearance they aren’t the most appealing, as many gardeners are against the idea of having a big industrial steel shed in their backyards. There also quite expensive when it comes to price and actually require specialist tools for minor repairs or modifications like putting a window in your shed. They also rust and are fairly flimsy due to the use of thin sheets.

Gardeners are more swayed, to the slick wooden hand built designs, that’s where Eco Plastic Wood comes in. Wooden plastic sheds are the perfect combination of style, durability, and value for money. These sheds can offer you the same wooden effect, the only difference, is that there made out of plastic, but who would know the difference. They’re also known to require minimal maintenance and are highly resistant to tough weather conditions. In terms of costs, plastic sheds are a wise investment and cut out any future maintenance costs.

What we offer

At Eco Plastic Wood we offer a bespoke service, where all measurements and styles can be tailored to your specifications. All our products are recycled out of plastic waste and transformed into beautiful pieces of garden furniture. We have a range of plastic wood sheds, why not browse through our product range to find out more. Focus on maintaining your gardens and not your sheds, with Eco Plastic Wood.


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