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Composite front door promotion

Why Choose a Composite Door?

It’s simple really, front doors are an essential part of your home. Both visually and practically, they offer security and are key to making a first impression on visitors to your home. You can keep visitors in front of a little while longer with the right door! Not only that but there’s many other benefits to having a modern front door.

Quality modern composite doors

Whilst there are many different types of doors you can install on your home, they differ greatly in terms of quality, security and longevity. Having an issue with your front door is a stressful, frustrating process – whether it be security issues, poor insulation costing you money or the need for an early replacement. What makes the composite door better than its alternatives in all of these areas?

Why composite doors are better than UPVC doors

UPVC is the material often used in home improvement products. Its benefits include high weather resistance and a long lifespan with not much maintenance. These doors however are thin and are far less secure than composite doors.

Why composite doors are better than hardwood doors

Hardwood doors are the traditional choice. They’re very strong which means they offer security and insulation. Unfortunately to get these benefits they require high maintenance in the form of regular vanishing, painting and weather sealing.

The door of the future – the composite door

The contemporary composite door on the other hand has the benefits of both, with none of the negatives. They’re made of multiple different materials – designed to give great strength, durability and looks. The core can even contain wood and other materials, giving you the strength and insulation properties of the hardwood door with none of the maintenance needs. The composite door is however slightly more expensive than it’s alternatives, but it’s more than worth it in giving you peace of mind in terms of security – as well as allowing you to just enjoy your front door.

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