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May 23 2022 0comment
plastic wood planter

Featured Product: Eco Planters

Committing to a more environmentally friendly way of living? In addition to reducing your energy usage and recycling various materials, there are many other things you could be doing. Our eco planters are one such solution for making your life (and your garden) even greener.  Here’s how!   Durable Plastic Wood Planters  These days, gardeners are […]

April 20 2022 0comment
Hand holding sprout for growing nature

Create An Environmentally Friendly Garden

Even though recycling rates have improved, there’s still lots of work to be done. In fact, in the UK alone, we only manage to recycle 43.8% of plastic packaging per annum, which leaves behind a massive 2 million metric tonnes’ worth of waste every year! But if you feel like you’re doing all you can, […]

March 25 2022 0comment
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Plastic-free Gift Ideas for All Year Round

With holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter and birthdays scattered all year round, you’ll need some gifts for your loved ones! But just how do you give gifts and be environmentally conscious at the same time?  Giving gifts shouldn’t be an ethical chore, so we’re going to find and list some meaningful presents you can […]

February 23 2022 0comment

The Top 10 Uses of Plastic Wood Lumber

Clients come to us time and time again to discover the benefits of plastic wood when their previous timber installations are experiencing rot, being affected by harsh weather conditions and are simply degrading despite ongoing maintenance. Our plastic lumbers are resistant to splitting and cracking, mould/rot resistant and resilient to weather conditions, and with the […]

September 13 2021 0comment

Our Easy and Practical Tips For Reducing Your Plastic Consumption and Waste

Our plastic consumption, and subsequent waste, is putting a huge strain on the planet and its ecosystems. Reassuringly, plastic waste is discussed and debated now more than ever. As a company we are committed to education and reduction regarding plastic waste. In the following article we are going to take you through a few quick […]

August 26 2021 0comment

Is Plastic Timber As Strong As Wood?

As a society we are now, more than ever, accepting greater responsibility for our collective carbon footprint. This has seen the popularity of recycled products rise considerably in recent years. One product that continues to receive a large amount of attention is plastic timber. Plastic timber, or lumber as it is otherwise known, is a […]

December 17 2020 0comment
purple and pink petunia plants close up shot

Easy Ways to Create an Eco Friendly Garden

Looking to make your garden a more eco conscious place? Well, creating an easily sustainable garden is simpler than you think! Whether your garden is small or big (or your level of gardening skill!), there’s something you can do to make your garden more inviting and environmentally friendly. Here are our tips to help you […]

October 08 2020 0comment

Plastic Wood Composite Fencing: Why it’s the right choice!

Fencing for your garden needs to be not only strong and durable but also look great. While wood fences are the tradition and the norm, composite fences are slowly becoming a household staple across the UK. Composite fences are fantastic editions to any environment but are they right for you? Take a look at the […]

August 06 2020 0comment
composite doors

The Benefits of Composite Doors 

Composite doors are a fantastic investment for any homeowners looking to improve their abode. With the combined quality and durability of both wood and plastic, the door brings a range of benefits including improved security over a wooden door and a wide range of styles to truly make it yours. Below we’ve listed some key […]

June 10 2020 0comment

The Benefits of Recycled Plastic Wood

Maybe you’re looking for new outdoor furniture to spruce up your home and garden and you’re wondering, what’s best for the environment? What’s long-lasting and low maintenance? We understand that these are important questions for some, so we’ve outlined some key benefits to using recycled plastic wood lumber! Easily Maintainable Plastic wood lumber requires very […]